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Laser Projected Keyboard (30% OFF)

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We have here a portable keyboard that you could bring and use anywhere.  You can place this portable keyboard projector on any flat surface!  You can bring this compact projector to study parties, business trips, or working vacations.  This would surely fit snug in your bag or carry-on.  

The projector connects to your computer or mobile device via Bluetooth and projects a holographic keyboard on the table. A sensor scans your finger placements on the red laser keys then sends that data to your device as fast as you can type!

The keyboard also has a mouse feature, which you can switch to when you'd rather scroll than type. Choose the sound and light level and get started with your work, anytime, anywhere. The projector also functions as a paragraph for whenever you need to charge your phone. 

HANDY AND COMPACT.  This holographic keyboard functions as a keyboard, trackpad, also as a power bank.  The size is perfect for anyone to bring with them on long trips or even daily to school and work.  Set it on any flat surface and you are ready to type away.
ADJUSTABLE SETTINGS.  You can modify the look with the keyboard's adjustable brightness and sound.  Designed to be used both in high and low light conditions.
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST BLUETOOTH-ENABLED DEVICES.  This product supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS system, Windows Phone systems, BlackBerry Z10 / Q10, with Bluetooth connectivity.  Works with any phone brand model as long as one of the above systems is supported. 


1. This only supports the English (QWERTY) keyboard layout.
2. Only keyboard function compatible with iOS.  Mouse function is not supported.
3. The White version is compatible with smartphones and PCs.  The Black version is compatible with smartphones only.



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