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Pet Robot Dog Voice Command Toy

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Do your little ones think that they are ready to take care of a pet?  What you need is a practice pet that is completely robotic to simulate having one.  You can make this puppy walk, follow your commands, and even dance!  Having this robotic dog will teach them valuable lessons on taking care of another life.  Since children are mostly hands-on learners, having this experience will be very insightful for them when talking about getting real pets. 


Kids learn the quickest when they see it with their own eyes.  They mostly rely on actual experiences during their younger years.  This Pet Robot Dog with Voice Command is a cute, interactive robot dog you can play with for years.  This is the perfect teacher for young children to teach them responsibility, and take care of another.  

VOICE COMMAND.  Loaded with 7 voice command instructions, children can give the little doggy oral commands to practice their communication and decision-making skills.  It is important to know how to ask for what you want and relay them properly.

INFRARED CONTROL.  The robotic pet can be controlled using an infrared controller.  You can control the dog's actions within a 5-meter range.  Just like having a remote-controlled race car, this is tons of fun!

TOUCH CONTROL.  The dog's head is equipped with a touch sensor for kids to pet it.  By petting the head, the dog will perform simple interactions with you, like a real dog!

MUSIC AND DANCE.  Comes with 4 different musical tunes, and accompanied by dynamic dancing steps, this dog is the perfect playful companion.  Also does other interesting things like handstands, push-ups, crouches down, etc.


Battery: 3.7v 350mah
Control Range: About 5 m
Controller battery: 2 * AAA battery (batteries not included)
Product size: 26 * 21.8 * 14.2 cm
Suitable for: Ages 3+

1 * Pet Robot Dog Voice Command Toy
1 * Remote Controller
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Manual


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