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Vintage Calligraphy Quill Gift Set (50% Off)

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A passion for writing is all you need if you want to learn how to use a vintage quill.  Quite tricky to master as it is different from a modern pen, but is most satisfying to accomplish.  You will get to write beautiful calligraphy and create the most wonderous scripts that will make readers think they were a part of history.  

You can use this to write invitation cards, greeting cards, and the like which can give it a sophisticated look.  This set comes with a holster and a bottle of ink so you can use it as soon as it arrives.  The quill body has a comfortable weight to it when in hand for easier maneuvering.  

The perfect gift for the artist in the family!

  • Natural Feather Adopting 100% natural feather, our feather pen retains the original texture. Each quill is unique which makes it was more attractive and more unique, each feather pen would be the one and only for you. After rigorous degrease, sterilization, dyeing, silk processing, the feathers maintaining permanent silky luster and elegant inherent of high quality
  • Meet More Writing Needs This Quill and Ink Set adopts Classic design, hand-made; written with science design, to increase the adsorption of ink, to extend the writing time, flowing like a stroke, providing superior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow
  • Durable Feather Pen and Ink Set The nib of quill pen is smooth, wear-resistant and not easily damaged; due to rust-proof handling, the feather pens can be used for long periods of time, more durable; elegant in appearance, loyal to the spirit of ancient European in making pens
  • Perfect Gift With excellent packing, exquisite design, antique style. This Antique Calligraphy Feather Handmade Quill is a decent high-grade and meaningful gifts, this feather quill set is an extremely popular luxury gift item meaning you’ll be loved by friends and family
  • Large Capacity and Smooth Writing With large capacity, Dip pens provide superior control and stability, delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow. The pen design allows fool-proof writing, helping you hit that sweet spot with ease


Color: ten colors to choose from
Product size: feather pen size: 25-26cm /9.8in-10.2in gift box package size: 27.5cm × 11cm × 4cm / 10.83in × 4.33in × 1.5in full gift weight: 260g
Product material: alloy pen holder + stainless steel nib
Packing configuration: short-haired crown rod + ink + coffee box + seat
Remarks: 1. The tip of the pen is 1.0mm. Each quill is equipped with five nib models.
No. 1 3mm, No. 2 2.5mm, No. 3 2mm, No. 4 1.5mm, No. 5 1mm,

Product Inclusions:

✒️ 1 x 25cm Quill

✒️ 5 x Stainless Steel Nibs (3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm)

✒️ 1 x Alloy Quill Holster

✒️ 1 x Ink Vial



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